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I am making most scents for Mother’s Day! Then…

We will pare back to the top 3-4 selling soaps and butters ONLY each season. Outside of that, I will have a custom order day each month, when I fill custom orders and requests. My goal is to scale production and improve customer service during 2019. In order to do that I must have have a laser focus which is why I am cutting back on what I make. However, I want to also make sure that I am providing you with what you want so that is why I will be making final batches of everything for the Mother’s Day collection. Top sellers will be the summer collection, and so on.

I’ve already removed a few, so order up now!

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Happy Brandiversary!

So IMMK was being conceived this time 4 years ago. With 3 good products and terrible branding IMMK was born.

I had to admit this road is not always smooth, but the rewards are worth it. Now, with 9 butters, 6 scrubs, and 15 soaps, In My Mammas Kitchen is on her way!!!!

You can find In My Mammas Kitchen in locations nationwide!

In Baltimore, MD, it was natural for IMMK to end up in a spot known for it’s love for community- Dovecote Café, located at —” Madison Ave in Reservoir Hill. Ash, the manager and vendor concierge, was open and have IMMK her blessing immediately. Yet, our branding didn’t match our product quality and folks didn’t recognize us for the first 6 months that IMMK sat on Dovecote shelves. Luckily, In My Mammas Kitchen has been in evolution, and we released our newly branded packaging this summer. Now, you can buy from a rotating collection at Dovecote.

The Joint was the first boutique in Vallejo to officially carry #IMMK products. Stephanie, the owner, is a phenomenal curator who supports local artisans. A chance outing with a girlfriend led to us meeting and IMMK has been at The Joint for 8 months! Visit her at 619 Marin St during open hours and for our 2019 quarterly popup series.

Funny enough, Moschetti was the first site at which In My Mammas Kitchen was a regular vendor. I walked in during the summer of 2015, VERY nervous. Fabrice and his team have been welcoming from Day 1. This year, the relationship has blossomed and people can buy In My Mammas Kitchen at Moschetti every Saturday during the Community Coffee Cupping on Saturdays from 9am until 1pm. Look forward to a series of talks about coffee and your skin in 2019!

I heard from the owners of Pomengranate Seeds, a bead shop on Florida Street in Vallejo, and after one meeting a relationship was born!! In My Mammas Kitchen and Pomengranate Seeds are currently collaborating to create a 2019 workshop series.

Coming from in mammas kitchen, I appreciate the growth and support from community and look forward to seeing more in 2019!

Happy Holidays,